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About program

Since 2008, the Likhachev Foundation (St. Petersburg, Russia), together with the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center and with the support of the Committee of External Relations of St. Petersburg, has been running the program Cultural Fellowships in Russia. The aim of the program is to promote cultural cooperation between Russia and other countries. Those eligible for the program are specialists in the field of culture, education, and humanities who are currently working on creative projects related to Russian culture and history. Participants of the program are selected through open competition, with the stipulation that their fellowships contribute substantially to the completion of their projects. The fellows supported by the program are brought to St. Petersburg (Russia) for a 2-week period. The program’s Russian sponsors support travel and accommodation during the term of the fellowship, and prepare individually tailored programs for the participants, based on their professional interests and needs of their projects.

We receive up to 200 applications annually, and up to 15 participants arrive for the fellowship each year. Among those participating thus far have been writers, historians, journalists, museum curators, playwrights, directors, photographers, filmmakers, art critics, and librarians.

The organizers of the program are confident that such fellowships will help to:

• Disseminate abroad a greater range of materials reflecting the cultural diversity of Russia.

• Spread information on Russian cultural institutions (museums, theaters, libraries), as well as strengthen Russian humanities research in other countries; maintain and enhance partnerships between cultural institutions in Russia and other countries.

• Integrate Russian experts into the international cultural community and promote new international projects that will popularize Russian culture abroad.

Since 2010 a number of experts from cultural organizations of St. Petersburg have paid visits to the institutions of the Cultural Fellowships alumni in order to continue their cooperation.