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Cultural Fellowships in Russia

In 2017, the Likhachev Foundation of St. Petersburg, Russia announced its tenth open competition for the Cultural Fellowships in Russia program. This program is designed for foreign professionals in the field of arts and culture who currently work on creative projects on (or related to) Russian culture or history. Such projects, supported by the Cultural Fellowships in Russia program, are designed to help spread information about Russian culture among a broader foreign audience.


Participants of the Program will arrive in St. Petersburg for two-week fellowships in May. Each fellow will have his/her program individually tailored according to the project and professional interests. The organizers of the program are the Likhachev Foundation and the Presidential Center of Boris N. Yeltsin, who organize and provide the main financing for the program, with additional support from the U.S. Consulate in St. Petersburg.


When founded, this was the first Russian program of this kind, supporting cultural visits by foreign intellectuals (and remains the only such program). Participants of the program work on important cultural initiatives, with the ultimate aim of increasing knowledge of and interest in Russian history and culture among non-Russians.


The Program has several partners including; Open World Leadership Center at the Library of Congress, the Trust for Mutual Understanding, CEC ArtsLink, Ambassador Hotel (St. Petersburg). Additionally, Fellowship alumni from the years 2008-2016 helped disseminate information about the Program and increase interest in it.


The 2017 Fellows were selected from a pool of over 80 applicants from 30 countries who participated in an open competition. The group of fellows includes 8 professionals from the UK, the USA, Finland, and the Republic of Mauritius.


They arrive in St. Petersburg on May 15 for two weeks. They are going to visit (according to their individual projects and schedules) the city’s cultural organizations, archives, libraries, and museums, as well as meet and consult with experts and cultural figures of St. Petersburg.


The Program’s organizers believe that contacts between the Fellows and the Russian cultural establishment will:

  • Expose the societies of various countries to the cultural diversity of contemporary Russia;
  • Improve cultural ties between Russia and the world;
  • Bring to the attention of foreign cultural institutions (museums, theatres, libraries) new cultural opportunities in Russia and launch new partnerships and projects;
  • Promote and popularize Russian culture around the world.


For additional information contact:

Likhachev Foundation, Russia 191028 St. Petersburg, Mokhovaya street, 15

Phone/fax: +7 (812) 272-2912, Email:,

Program Coordinator Elena Vitenberg




Autio-Meloni Helena (Finland)

An expert and active promoter of Russian theatre, Helena worked as an assistant and translator for Tovstonogov, Efros, Lyubimov, Dodin, Ginkas. She was the Director of the Finnish Institute in St. Petersburg, Cultural Advisor at the Finnish Embassy, and is the founder of Adelfa Agency for cultural cooperation between Finland and Russia. She develops lectures about St. Petersburg theatre world for the broad Finnish audience, and wants to invite to collaboration leading international experts on Russian arts and culture.


Avery Peter (USA)

As Director of Theatre at the New York City Department of Education, Peter supervises all theatre programs for approximately 1,800 public schools and is an expert on theatre education, as well as a theatre producer.

«My project goal is two-fold—to document and share new plays, directorial styles and training approaches with American and international theatre artists and educator colleagues.  I often present at workshops and conferences on trends, movements, and innovations in theatre performance and education. In addition, I often partner with guest professional theatre artists to engage our NYC community. Thus the relationships I make in St. Petersburg might prove fruitful for cultural exchange down the line. I am also interested in identifying potential new or perhaps unknown play and/or innovative styles that might translate to New York, either to be workshopped or even produced».


Typhis Degtyarenko Eric (Republic of Mauritius)

Founder and Director of the Admiral Nevelskoi Maritime Museum, President and Founder of The Mauritius Russian-Speaking Society, Founder of the Russian Language Centre, Director of Maritime Museum Ltd Mauritius.

 «Leonid Lysenko started his round the world tour on the Admiral Nevelskoi Yacht in July 1993. While he was in the Indian Ocean he lost the mast of the yacht and abandoned it. The Admiral Nevelskoi was now a phantom vessel moving in the Indian Ocean crewless. In 2010, I found the Admiral Nevelskoi Yacht in Rodrigues during a visit to the Island. It was the beginning of the great adventure in Russian history and language for me. In the same year the yacht was declared Maritime Museum. The yacht is the only historical link between Mauritius and Russia. The museum relates the history of the Great Russian navigator Admiral Nevelskoi and his life.

I want to do a research at the Naval Museum in relation to Admiral Nevelskoi and maritime instruments of his time, and organize some exchange for exhibition between Russian museums and Admiral Nevelskoi Museum. I want to organize an expedition on the yacht around the world, by continuing the vision of Admiral Nevelskoi to promote Russia, Russian language, and culture».


Grote Jason (USA)

Playwright, screenwriter, and television writer based in Los Angeles, California. Jason’s plays include 1001, Civilization, Shostakovich or Silence, Darwin’s Challenge. Film and television work include Mad Men, Hannibal, and Smash. He teaches writing at UC San Diego and at Primary Stages ESPA. He is working on an English-language play about the life of the composer Dmitri Shostakovich. He has already created the draft of this play. This play was commissioned and developed by ACT (Seattle, WA). «I strongly believe Shostakovich's life and work have much to tell us about our present moment».


Kinmonth Margy (UK)

Award-winning Film Director and Producer, making bold, internationally acclaimed films about biography, art, and culture, working with world class artists and institutions.

Margy’s latest film Revolution – New Art for a New World is dedicated to the centenary of the 1917 Russian Revolution. Her previous films include Hermitage Revealed (she worked on it with Piotrovsky) and Royal Paintbox (she worked on it with HRH The Prince of Wales). She has directed films about ballet and opera, Nutcracker Story and Mariinsky Theatre (she worked on them with Gergiev). Margy has won the BAFTA Award for Best Documentary Series, the Royal Television Society Award for Best Arts Film, and The Creative Originality Award from Women in Film & Television. She wants to create a feature documentary about Russian Theatre to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the Theatre Museum in 2018. «I want to research the archive stores for material and footage of the names on the Magic Staircase of the Theatre Museum and bring them to life.  I will also chart their influence on the younger generation of performers».


Kozicharow Nicola (UK)

Nicola Kozicharow is a specialist in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Russian and European art. She will be an Early Career Research Fellow at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge from October 2017. “My current book project, Visual Culture and the Construction of Russian Émigré Identity, investigates the significant role images played in the first ‘wave’ of the Russian emigration following the Russian Revolution of 1917. More generally my work underlines the value of visual culture in providing a window into the experience of migration, whether in the historical period of the Russian emigration or today.”


Lacombe Brigitte (USA)

One of the most successful portrait photographers in the world, and is known for her influential and revelatory portraiture. For the past four decades, she has created iconic and intimate photographs of our most celebrated artists, actors, politicians and intellectuals.  She has published photo-essays and portraits in many publications worldwide, including The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, GQ, Conde Nast Traveler, The Wall Street Journal Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, The Financial Times Magazine, Zeit Magazine , Paris Vogue , Elle, Interview , and many others.

"I would like to propose a series of 20 portraits of 20 Russian women who are working in the arts and culture in St. Petersburg, for an eventual book, exhibition, or social media project. At the end of each portrait, I will also make a short video portrait of each women, explaining who they are and what they do. These 20 different women would be of exceptional quality, would be different ages, and would be at different stages of their careers. The women would range from a talented beginner, to a woman at the height of her career, to an older woman who is inspirational to others, perhaps an icon, a mentor”.


Marschan  Elizabeth (Finland)

Programme curator, documentary consultant, and a freelance journalist cooperating with a number of festivals internationally. During her time at MTV3 as a filmmaker and scriptwriter, Elizabeth actively contributed to the creation of many works for television – such as The Soviet Woman, Ilya Repin 1844 – 1930 and Ilya Ehrenburg – travelling widely in Soviet Union and Russia. 

«Leonid Andreyev was an extremely versatile and talented writer, an artist who was periodically engaged in painting and – a less well known fact – was also a stunning photographer. There are 400 color photographs, poetic and picturesque, intimate portraits of family members and friends, self-portraits, landscapes, pictures of the sea and boats.  I would like to present Andreyev's visions, his photos to a larger audience in the form of a documentary film».