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Fritzie Brown

Prior to becoming CEC ArtsLink’s Executive Director,Fritzie Brown served for 10 years AS a Senior Program Director and Chair of the Program Committee of the organization. Through a multi-faceted program of cultural exchange, CEC ArtsLink serves to create and sustain constructive, mutually beneficial relationships between the U.S. and many countries of the world by sponsoring traveling fellowships for artists and curators and supporting collaborative projects in the arts.

«The Fellowship served as a calling card for me. It allowed me introductions to people I could not access on my own, and it gave me a stature in the eyes of those with whom I met. I am deeply honored to have been allowed to participate as a Fellow. I would like to share with other Americans the Russia I saw while a Fellow, a Russia of very open, loving, deeply cultured people who are keen to exchange ideas with the rest of the world».