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Judi Dutcher

Judi Dutcher is the President and Director of The Museum of Russian Art located in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. It is the only museum in the United States dedicated exclusively to the preservation and presentation of Russian art and artifacts. The museum’s mission is: Education, Engagement and Enlightenment through the art of Russia

During her Fellowship in Russia, Ms. Dutcher met with the Directors and Curators of several museums in St. Petersburg in order to strategize about future art exhibitions in the United States and to review archival materials from various museums and libraries. As a result of these meetings there are several exhibitions being discussed for 2009 and 2010 including: The art of Pavel Filonov, The 900 Day Seize of Leningrad, Dostoevsky Days, Exhibition featuring puppets, Theater prints, sketches and costumes, Avant-garde posters.

«The Cultural Fellowship in Saint Petersburg enabled me to forge important relationships with leaders of the St. Petersburg cultural community. This newly established network of Fellows will continue to amplify and expand the impact of this unique and important program for years to come».