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Ann Kjellberg

Ann Kjellberg is the literary executor in the Estate of Joseph Brodsky; she manages the copyrights in his works on behalf of his heirs. She has edited two books of his translations into Englishand overseen extensive publication of his work in Russian. She was Brodsky’s personal secretary from 1986 until his death in 1996. Ann is also Contributing Editor of «The New York Review of Books», where she has served on the editorial staff since 1988.

Ann Kjellberg worked in St. Petersburg on the preparation of Brodsky’s collected works. She met with a number of published Brodsky scholars, and with textologists. She also explored future cooperation between the Brodsky archives in St. Petersburg and America.

«My fellowship was enormously productive and useful in large part because of the tireless efforts of Likhachev Foundation to distill for us all that was vital in Petersburg culture. It made all the difference that I was permitted to visit St. Petersburg in the care of such attentive guardians, who enriched my visit in so many different dimensions. I would recommend this experience to any foreigner who has reason to study Russian culture. St. Petersburg has shaken off the heavy burden of its history to breathe new life as a vibrant, rich, various, reflective city, a true capital of world culture».