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Adele Lindenmeyr

Adele Lindenmeyr has devoted her professional career to teaching and writing about modern Russian history, with a particular focus on social and women’s history during the late tsarist and revolutionary eras. Her book «Poverty Is Not A Vice: Charity, Society, and the State in Imperial Russia» (1996), was the first scholarly study of a long-neglected topic in Russian history. She is currently professor of history at Villanova University.

Adele Lindenmeyr’s current project, «Citizen Countess: the Lives of Sofia Panina» will be the first study of the dramatic life of one of the most prominent women of late imperial Russia, Countess Sophia V. Panina, the only female member of the Provisional Government in 1917.

«This program can serve the needs of quite diverse groups of people seeking to bring Russian culture to American audiences. For scholars the fellowship opens new doors and brings new possibilities to light. The Likhachev Foundation could serve as an invaluable resource in helping American scholars establish contacts with relevant people and institutions, locate research materials, and plan a work program for longer visits to Russia in the future».