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Janet Fitch

Janet Fitch is a novelist based in Los Angeles, California. She has published many short stories and three novels to date, including the best-selling White Oleander, translated in to 24 languages and made into a feature film in 2002.

While her fiction often incorporates elements of her lifelong interest in Russian literature and history, currently Fitch is working on a novel set in Petrograd during the tumultuous years 1916 to 1922.  During her fellowship, Fitch met with experts from the Museum of Political History, the Museum of the City of St. Petersburg, the Akhmatova Museum, the Blok Museum, and other institutions, as well as touring the city and seeing it through the eyes of local literary, cultural and historical scholars.

«The Likhachev Fellowship opened the doors of St. Petersburg's history and culture to me.  My understanding of St. Peterburg and of the Russian way of thinking has been enhanced a thousandfold--an amazing experience. The patient and knowledgeable help I have received through the Foundation, making introductions for me to experts in so many diverse fields, will make all the difference in my ability to present Revolutionary Petrograd in a richly textured and accurate way.  After banging my head against a wall for three years on this book, the wall just disappeared, replaced by a red carpet.  I thank the Likhachev Foundation with all my heart».