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Amy Ballard

Amy Ballard, Senior Historic Preservation Specialist at the Smithsonian Institution, worked on two projects. The first is a comparative study of historic preservation practices in St. Petersburg and the Smithsonian Institution and Washington, D.C. The second is a WEB-BASED music guide to St Petersburg for a general English-speaking audience, which will feature lesser-known venues, in addition to the Mariinsky Theater and Philharmonic Hall.

«I have been to St.Petersburg many times but this time was special. As someone who has studied Russian history and culture for many years, I was happy to learn that such a foundation exists in Russia and especially in St. Petersburg that brings Americans to work on projects which will benefit Russia and the United States. I know that my projects will be successful because of the Foundation's generosity and assistance to me.  St. Petersburg is fortunate that the Likhachev Foundation is headquartered in Russia's cultural capital. I look forward to returning to Petersburg soon. I am very grateful to the Foundation and to St.Petersburg for enriching my life».