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Wayne Maugans

Wayne Maugans is a theater director, actor, and teacher in New York City.  He has directed several world premiere plays, and is a member of the Lincoln Center Director’s Lab.  As an actor, he has worked both on and off-Broadway, at major regional theaters throughout the United States, as well as numerous appearances in television and film.  

Wayne Maugans’ current project is a New York revival of Alexei Arbuzov’s play The Promise (known in Russian My Poor Marat). During his time in St. Petersburg, Wayne conducted necessary research for the play, as well as working on new English-language translation.  Wayne also was scouting for new and emerging directors to participate in the Lincoln Center Directors Lab in 2011.

«My fellowship was a success even before I set foot on the plane.  For years I had been looking for someone with whom I could collaborate on a new translation of The Promise. They directed me to the perfect person.  But that was only the beginning. I spent time with some of the most important directors in the Russian theater, as well as seeing some outstanding shows.  I met many colleagues that I hope will now have a chance to come to the United States and share their work.  Most importantly, I now have the authority to direct this play that I have been working on for over a decade.»