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Maura Shelden

Maura is a Public Affairs Officer for the Open World Leadership Center, an independent legislative branch agency, she also serves as manager for Open World’s Russian Cultural Leaders program which brings approximately 70 cutting-edge emerging artists to the United States for intensive two week residences and festivals every year.

«I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Cultural Fellowships Program this summer.  As the manager of the Open World Russian Cultural Leaders program, it was extremely helpful for me to spend time in Russia's cultural capital being introduced to its «doers»; the artists, curators, writers, poets, directors who are actively creating, assessing, promoting, and preserving Russia's vast cultural legacy. I came away from this unique experience re-charged with passion for U.S.-Russian cultural diplomacy. I will continue working through Open World and Likhachev Foundation to help facilitate travel to the U.S. for Russian cultural leaders to engage with their U.S. counterparts. I am heartened to see Likhachev Foundation's intrepid plans for creating a sustainable mechanism for bringing U.S. cultural leaders to Russia.»