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Philip Arnoult

Philip Arnoult is the founder/director of the Center for International Theatre Development (CITD).  Since 1990, CITD has worked primarily in Eastern Europe and Russia (with parallel projects in the Netherlands and East Africa).  Arnoult first came to St. Petersburg in the late ‘80’s, working with Slava Polunin, producing the first two US tours of Licedei. From 2000-2008 CITD developed an East African/Russian contemporary dance exchange, DANCE TRAFFIC.  CITD’s two most recent major projects in Russia are: NEW RUSSIAN DRAMA (in translation)—some 14 contemporary playwrights translated into American English, and NEW AMERCAN DRAMA FOR RUSSIA (translation and adaptation of 7 US playwrights).

“I have long been a fan of St. Petersburg director Andrey Moguchy—and an even longer admirer of Lev Dodin.  My work in Russia over the past 20 years has offered many opportunities to see their work in Moscow.  But my time in this city has been minimal. The Likhachev Fellowship allowed me to look into the nooks and crannies of the theatre scene here.  I was very encouraged by what I found: the new ON.THEATRE initiative (a director and playwrights center) has great promise; we will be partnering with them on two projects in the future.   Actor/director Alexander Bargman, and directors Dmitry Volkostrelov and Marat Gatsalov, among others, are definitely to be watched.”