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Harry Burton

Harry Burton is a British actor and director. He performed for over twenty years on stage and camera before training as a film director with BBC Television. Harry's friendship with Nobel prize-winning dramatist Harold Pinter led to several notable collaborations, including a sell-out London production of Pinter's The Dumb Waiter. In 2008 Harry made a film for British television called Working With Pinter, about Pinter's life and creative process in the theatre.

"My Likhachev project is feature film screenplay about the Irish composer John Field who came to St. Petersburg as a young man in 1803 and stayed in Russia for thirty years.
I have always loved piano music and fell in love with Field when I first heard his music a few years ago. But no one could tell me much about this mysterious figure. In researching him discovered that Field's fascinating story has not been told nearly as much as it deserves to be. In fact he is dismissed as a peripheral figure in Britain. But in Russia his reputation remains very strong as a sort of eccentric godfather of Romanticism. It was thrilling and inspirational be able to walk around the city of St. Petersburg and see the locations and buildings where Field lived and played. Taking in Petersburg's dreamlike early-summer atmosphere of sparkling days and white nights has greatly enriched my vision of how to tell this story in music and pictures. I hope to return! If St. Petersburg is a sort of dream, then The Likhachev Foundation literally makes dreams come true. I had dreamed for years of visiting St. Petersburg to see for myself what had inspired the dreamy composing style of Field's famous Nocturnes. The Likhachev Foundation not only made it happen, they introduced me to local film-makers, musical experts at the Conservatoire, found me a personal pianist who played for me in authentic Field locations - and so much more. The fortnight's Fellowship was thrilling, exhilarating and inspiring, for both the incomparable cultural experience, and for the delightful company of the fellows with whom I shared the journey ."