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David Maloney

David Maloney is the State Historic Preservation Officer for Washington, D.C.  He has been intimately involved for more than 30 years in the protection and revitalization of Washington’s historic downtown and its neighborhoods.  An urban planner by profession, David began his career as a preservation activist and now leads one of the most successful historic preservation programs in any American city.  His project was to help organize a preservation conference and continuing collaboration between preservationists in Saint Petersburg and Washington.  

“As a first-time visitor to Saint Petersburg, I was stunned by the magnificence of this World Heritage Site and its extraordinary setting.  The Likhachev fellowship gave me the chance not just to explore the city, but also to learn first-hand why its future is so precarious.  Everyone I met with—from government officials to scholars to activists—showed an incredible devotion to the city and a staunch commitment to protecting its beauty.  As colleagues, we have many similar problems and much to gain from each other’s experience and perspective.  I came away not just inspired but truly challenged by their high expectations. “