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Ronald Meyer

Ronald Meyer teaches the seminar on Russian literary translation at Columbia University, where he also holds the position of Publications Editor at the Harriman Institute. He is the editor of Dostoyevsky’s Demons and the translator of The Gambler and Other Stories, both published by Penguin Classics. Other translations include Anna Akhmatova’s My Half-Century (Northwestern, 1997), a selection of the poet’s autobiographical prose, critical essays on Pushkin, and letters, and the first volume of Dostoevsky’s Complete Letters (Ardis, 1988), as well as shorter works by Babel, Chekhov, and Gogol. Meyer’s research project, Translating Dostoyevsky, investigates translations of Dostoyevsky in the broadest sense of the word. In addition to literary translations, the primary materials encompass adaptations into other media, including film, theater, and the visual arts.

“My time spent as a Likhachev Fellow in St. Petersburg afforded me the unique opportunity to meet with Dostoevsky scholars, theatre directors and dramaturgs, and artists; to tour with an expert guide the places in the city associated with the writer; and to spend quiet, productive afternoons in the St. Petersburg State Theater Library. Most unexpectedly, I had the great fortune to see three theatrical performances based on the life and or works of the writer. I returned from Petersburg with new material and new ideas for how to shape this material. The superb organization of the Likhachev Foundation staff made this an incredibly fruitful two weeks.”