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Anton Fedyashin

As Executive Director of the Initiative for Russian Culture (IRC) at American University in Washington, DC, and professor of history in the College of Arts and Sciences, I used this unique opportunity to prepare for the Walking Dostoevsky’s Russia trip on which I am bringing ten AU and Washington DC University Consortium students in July 2012. The Likhachev Fellowships got me in touch with all the relevant museums, libraries, and local specialists who can contribute to making the trip a full immersion in the cultural life of St. Petersburg. The longer-term goal is to develop a wide network of cultural contacts in St. Petersburg that will contribute to the work of the Initiative for Russian Culture.


The Likhachev Foundation’s goals dovetail perfectly with those of the IRC to explore and promote the richness of Russia’s culture. And by broadening my access to cultural institutions and figures in Russia, the fellowship will not only allow me to expose American students to a greater variety of Russian culture, but it will also inform my own understanding of Russian culture which I incorporate into all of my courses. Because culture is something organic and evolving, it constantly reacts to the internal impulses of a nation’s collective psyche and the external forces of cultural exchange and cultural clashes. This makes staying in touch with a culture absolutely essential to being in tune with its constantly evolving content and form.