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Mark Sutcliffe

Mark Sutcliffe is a publisher and editor based in the UK who for many years has worked with Russian museums and other cultural organisations on publications and exhibition projects. Since completing his PhD in Russian history at University College London he has also been researching a book on St Petersburg’s cultural history. For the fellowship Mark is working on a book and exhibition project that looks at the Hermitage museum in its 250th-anniversary year (2014) from a different perspective: through ‘behind-the-scenes’ photography and interviews with staff, including curators, restorers, room attendants and so forth. He is also researching the art of the 1917 Revolution with a view to finding partners for a UK exhibition in 2017; and meeting with experts on St Petersburg’s cultural heritage for his research on the city’s preservation.

"I cannot thank the Likhachev Foundation and Yeltsin Centre enough for the opportunity to spend two weeks in my favourite city meeting professionals in the sphere of Russian culture. The idea, like all really good ideas, is relatively straightforward – thanks to the very efficient pre-planning, meetings are set up in advance, but with enough ‘space’ for other meetings and visits to develop over the two weeks; this is hugely beneficial because the fellowship is thus both focused and creative. The progress made with my projects in two weeks probably equates to several months of research in the UK, not to mention the invaluable connections made with museum and other professionals. This, allied to the wonderful spirit of cooperation and creative endeavour engendered by the Likhachev organisers, and the joy of being part of a group all working towards a similar goal of exploring and engaging with Russian culture, makes for a uniquely memorable and enriching experience. My sincere thanks for including me in this superb initiative and I cannot wait to return to St Petersburg!"