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Murray Natalia

Natalia is a Lecturer at The Courtauld Institute of Art (London). She is preparing an exhibit of Russian avant-garde for Royal Academy, writing a book about festive decorations in Petrograd, and working on students exchanges program with StPetersburg Academy of Arts.

"Thanks to the Likhachev Cultural Fellowship, I managed to fit into two weeks more meetings and research trips that I could have done in several months! Working towards the major exhibition of Russian Art which will take place at the Royal Academy in London in early 2017, I had a unique opportunity to explore archives of the Theatre Museum, Museum of St. Petersburg History, The National Library, Museum of Political History and the 20th century Drawings Fund at the Russian Museum. I am immensely grateful to the organisers of this unique programme for all their assistance during my trip!

I also received a very generous offer from the Yeltsin Center to finance translation of my recent biography of Nikolay Punin into Russian and assist me with the publication of my book in Russia.

Next year has been designated by the Russian and British governments as the bi-lateral UK/Russia year of culture, and I am looking forward to working on some joint projects with the Likhachev Foundation".