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Manon Bursian

Manon  is a head of the Arts Foundation of Saxony-Anhalt (Germany). The aim of the foundation is to provide support for outstanding art projects and create  a more purposeful national and international  cultural dialogue. The Arts Foundation also launches initiatives of its own. She would like to develop an international cooperation for both Russian and German artists.

"St. Petersburg was always a good place for time travelers into the past and into the future.  Organized by the Likhachev Foundation my stay in St. Petersburg was an incredible journey into the "treasury" of art. No place in the world seems to be more suitable for thinking about the philosophy of the arts and at the same time for exploring the realities and risks of individual art forms in the galleries and museums and artists' studios. My meetings with curators like Julia Diemidenko, Anna Lebedkova or Marina Gisich showed me that a new tremendous aesthetic dynamism exist. This city has an outstanding self-creative power of artists and curators. I took lots of ideas with me for an international exchange with Germany and I will initiate an international scholarship program for the Arts Foundation of Saxony-Anhalt with St. Petersburg.  I express my great thanks to Likhachev Foundation. This trip has infinitely enriched all participants!"