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Luba Taubvurtcel

Founder of Global Arts Network (, Luba organized number of cultural events related to Russian culture and arts.

"The Likhachev Foundation sponsored my two-weeks stay in St. Petersburg for the project “The History of St. Petersburg Conservatory 150+” to collect information for the project by visiting the library, museum and archive of the St. Petersburg Conservatory.

Through the team of the Foundation’s efforts and their extraordinary access to the professionals of the St. Petersburg Conservatory, I was able to meet with the Rector of the Conservatory, professors of the different disciplines, librarians and museum personnel, composers, musicians, and all of them broadened my understanding of the current life of the Conservatory and its history on the different levels. I met people who devoted their life and love to the Conservatory and everybody whom I met, was exceptionally generous with their time and knowledge, they are directed me to the sources, which I would have never discovered otherwise.

I left St. Petersburg with my love to the city, people whom I met, and materials for thoughts for the future exhibition about the history of the Conservatory in Washington DC.

I am looking to continue our relation with the St. Petersburg Conservatory in the future.

It was a very productive, well organized visit. Thank you Likhachev Foundation!"