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Roy Chen

Roy (Roee) Chen is an author, translator and the Head of the Drama Dep. of Gesher Theatre (Tel-Aviv).

Published two books as an author: "The Ink Horses", 2005 and "Tel-Aviv Tales", 2011. His short stories were translated in English, Russian, Ukraine, Yiddish, and published in New-York, Moscow, Petersburg, Kyiv and Paris.

His adaptations (Enemies, love story- Y.B.Singer; Six Characters in Search of an Author – L.Pirandello, A Pigeon and a Boy – M.Shalev, Dybbuk – S.Ansky, The Odyssey - Homer etc.) were staged in various theatre, and in Russia (Sovremennik, Takoi Teatr).

Chen translated poetry, prose, classic fiction novels and over 40 plays from Russian, French and English to Hebrew (Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Bunin, Gogol, Kharms, Moliere, Hatcher, etc.).


I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the Likhachev Foundation and Yeltsin Centre. My staying in Saint-Petersburg was divine. I had the chance to meet fascinating people from all over the world and the most important representative of the local theatre, including directors, actors, theatre teachers and playwrights. I had two personal goals: collecting materials for the afterword I write to my translation of “Small Tragedies” by Pushkin and meeting theatre people in order to check the possibility of co-productions, co-working on theatre festivals. Both goals are on their successful track to be achieved soon. With the help of the great organisers of the Likhachev foundation I saw Saint-Petersburg, that beloved city of which I read in the great novels from a new point of view.