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Natalia Sineaeva-Pankowska

Natalia Sineaeva-Pankowska is a sociologist and a journalist.

She has been writing for many journals in Poland and abroad on the topic of interethnic and intercultural dialogue and minority rights. She has been involved in the activities of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw  since its official opening in April 2013. She has also been involved in the activities of Warsaw-based Never Again Association which has its aim to commemorate the Holocaust and eradicate racism and xenophobia from the European public discourse for many years.

In the Museum she is working, among others, with visitors from Russia and she has an aim to develop more close cooperation between the Museum and Jewish organizations and museums in St.Petersburg.


I spent an excellent time in St.Petersburg, I was impressed by a rich library in the Jewish Community Centre and a high academic level of Judaica Department at the European University and its director Valery Dymshyts. I met with many other Jewish organizations, visited a Jewish school and I see many points for cooperation from cultural to academic and educational work. I visited two different but both important museums - a classical Ethnograthic museum with its Judaica section which also includes things from the collection of S.Ansky and other interesting collections and a more critical and sophisticated Museum of Political History.

I had fruitful talks with local intellectuals such as Aleksander Lvov and a young reseacher Anna Laskina, who investigates the beginning of Jewish theater in St.Petesburg, although very short but interesting story. 

I believe that getting in touch with such diverse parts of Russian public will help me to identify the most important points for work with Russian visitors throughout Museum's permanent exhibition of 1000-year of the history of Jews in Poland when it will officially open in October this year.

Last but not least I have a rich material for writing a series of articles about St.Petersburg and planning and advancing joint projects.I would like to thank for this excellent opportunity the Likhachev Foundation and its staff and personally Oleg Leikind for his kind advice and help.