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Elena Zaytseva

Dr. Elena Zaytseva is a curator at Pushkin House, London. Her current show 'Walls' explores the theme of cultural identity in works of 13 highly-regarded artists from Russia and UK. Before moving to London in 2008 she worked at Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, as a part of curatorial team of the 'new movements' department and also was organising exhibitions in Moscow and London as an independent curator. Author of articles on contemporary and modern Russian art.


I feel an immense gratitude to the Likhachev Foundation and the Yeltsin Foundation for my fellowship in May 2014.  Staying for two weeks in St.-Petersburg as part of a group of highly-regarded curators and art-managers gave me a unique opportunity to develop our network and make research for future exhibition projects at Pushkin House, in London. Within the project 'House-museums at Pushkin House' we started to prepare an exhibition together with the Anna Akhmatova Museum to bring together the names of A.Akhmatova, I.Berlin and B.Anrep, this might include mosaics by Anrep from the V&A museum and also works by contemporary artists. Progress was made in organising a photography exhibition of Josef Brodsky and a series of memorial exhibitions about Russian writers in the Pushkin House library, such as Nabokov, Hertsen, Dostoyevsky. In our meeting with the Pushkin Memorial Museum we agreed about an exhibition of illustrations by the artists of the 'World of Art' ('Mir Iskusstva') group of the late 19th – early 20th century. At the Theatre museum we have talked about possible exhibition of posters of Dyagilev's seasons to mark a centenary of the first season in London in 1914. I would like to say a special thanks to Elena Vitenberg for organising my programme in a very sufficient way to enable me to visit nearly 30 museums in two weeks and also research the contemporary art scene of St.-Petersburg. I very much hope that the fellowship allows us to start a new phase of representing  the rich culture of St.-Petersburg at Pushkin House in London and would start of long-term collaboration with the Lichachev foundation.