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Elda Garetto

Elda Garetto works at Milan University teaching Russian Culture and Literature. Her main field of interest is Russian cultural emigration and the spread of Russian culture in Italy  in the first half of  20-th Century. Recently she has been coordinating a project on Russian artists working in Milan at local theatres (mainly at La Scala) or having exhibitions at local galleries.


For the completion of the project it was necessary to extend the research in Russia and especially in St. Petersburg, where many of these artists started their career.

The Likhachev Foundation gave me the unique opportunity to work in many archives and museums and to collect precious information during a 2-weeks stay. I am sure that same work would have required almost 2 months without the support of the Foundation.  

Thanks to the perfect organization, I was provided from the very beginning of my stay with all the permissions required to visit the archives, where I had the rare chance to consult specialists on music and fine arts. I had also an interesting exchange of information and talks about forms of co-operation with the coordinators of one of the Likhachev  Foundation projects: Arts and Architecture of Russian Emigration.

The entire programme of the stay was prepared and carried out by the organizers with great competence and care of everyone interest. I’ve been in Russia many times (mostly in Moscow), either with my students or working for my researches, but this stay in St. Petersburg was for me a really great experience, that provided me with new approaches  to Russian culture, thanks also to the acquaintance with the other fellows and their multifaceted interests.

I am convinced that the programme of Cultural Fellowships together with the other programmes of the Likhachev Foundation is interpreting at the best the cultural legacy of Dmitry Likhachev, and that its commendable efforts will gain an increasing recognition within the international cultural community.