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Frank Althaus

Frank Althaus is co-founding partner of Fontanka Publications (, specialising in books and catalogues on Russian art and culture, and founding director of the Russian Language Centre in London, the UK’s largest institution for teaching Russian as a foreign language (


“I came to St Petersburg with two main projects in mind, both of which have advanced significantly as a result of the support of the Likhachev Foundation. The first project is an exhibition of street art marking the centenary of the Russian Revolution of 1917. Thanks to the Foundation, I was able to meet senior curators from the Peter and Paul Fortress Museum, the Museum of Political History of Russia and the National Library of Russia. As a direct result of these meetings, our exhibition has moved from a general concept to a specific list of potential loan objects, which we are now discussing with partners in the UK.


The second project is a book by the wonderful Petersburg artist Alexander Voitsekhovsky. This project has also advanced from the theoretical to the concrete: after discussions with the artist we have now made a selection of works for inclusion in the book.


As a small, specialist publisher, even one with a strong reputation, Fontanka would have found it very difficult to establish these contacts without the Likhachev Foundation. However, the meetings are only part of the success of the fellowship. Cultural projects, particularly at times of political uncertainty, require a certain self-confidence and conviction on the part of their organisers. And confidence is perhaps the most significant thing I have gained from the fellowship, both through the energetic support of the Foundation’s staff, and through hours of detailed, intelligent and happy debate with the other Likhachev fellows.


I know of no other opportunity like this for anyone committed to bringing Russian culture to the outside world, and recommend it enthusiastically”.