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Agnieszka Piotrowska

Translator and theater manager. She has organized a festival of Russian theater in Poland. She is planning to organize a festival of St. Petersburg theaters in  2015.


«For fifteen years I have been dealing with Russian theatre, Russian drama, as well as Polish-Russian cultural projects. I am trying to unite both cultures, to introduce them to one another, because we need each other, it is impossible for us to exist without mutual contact and interaction. For such a profession as mine, the Likhachev Foundation’s Cultural Fellowship is pure happiness; it is a huge contribution to my work. During my fellowship in St. Petersburg, provided by the Likhachev Foundation, I saw a number of new productions by young St. Petersburg theatre companies. I met many young artists and discussed with them the possibility of bringing their new projects to Poland.

However, the main thing is that I could – under comfortable conditions, on everyday basis – conduct negotiations with managers of major state theatres about large mutual projects in the future (for the most part, we were planning projects for the Poland-Russia Year of Culture-2015, which has recently been cancelled by the Polish government), about long-term cooperation. During the fellowship I also met officials in charge of the cultural policy of St. Petersburg. These negotiations should result in a major mutual project in the future.

Thanks to the fellowship, I could get familiar with the city’s many museums, which bring delight to every visitor. Among those – summer residencies of the tsars, the exquisite Theatre Museum, and apartment museums of great composers and writers.

The program of the fellowship, versatile and wisely planned, allowed the participants to experience all the richness of St. Petersburg culture and made us fall in love with this amazing city over again”.