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Carlin Romano

Nationally known literary and cultural critic, Critic-at-Large at The Chronicle of Higher Education. Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at the Ursinus College (USA). After publishing a book America the Philosophical he is regarded as the writer about philosophy for the general public. He was one of the three finalists for the 2005 Pulitzer Prize in Criticism. The fellowship was related to research for a book Dusha Today: Contemporary Russian Philosophers and Literary Critics, which should draw the attention of the English-speaking world to Russian philosophers and literary critics. During his fellowship Carlin met the leading philosophers and literary critics, as well as took part on philosophical seminars and meetings with students.


"The marvelous people associated with the Likhachev Foundation make the Likhachev Fellowship a dream opportunity to pursue one's project in  Petersburg, a city I came to love during my Fulbright  time there beginning in 2002. Dmitri Likhachev himself, during his difficult and admirable life, was on the side of the angels, and his spirit, I think, infuses the Fellowship.  All the Likhachev people stretch themselves mightily to help Fellows accomplish the most possible under strict time constraints. At the same time, they arrange for the Fellows to enjoy edifying and entertaining Petersburg culture together. I could never have forged so many links to the Petersburg philosophical community myself in such a short time: in two weeks, I interviewed leading philosophers such as Alexander Rybas and Valery Savchuk, the poet Alexander Skidan and independent intellectual Boris Ostanin, aspiring young Russian philosophers such as Darya Sidorova and Alexander Lvov, and even attended a roundtable symposium on Russian aesthetics led by the Moscow editor of Voprosi philosophii. The Likhachev Fellowship's only flaw is that it does not go on forever."