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Clive Boursnell

Photographer of architecture and landscapes, author of more than 10 books. For 15 years he worked with Sunday Times Magazine, Country Life Magazine, Gardens and Houses, and for many years worked for the National Trust and English Heritage. The fellowship was devoted to preparation of photography and film for Life in the Russian Country House, an exhibition for the Victoria and Albert Museum.


“I came to the Likhachev Foundation by way of the V&A Museum in London. As a photographer and non academic I was most warmly welcomed to St Petersburg by all the Likhachev team, with such care for our welfare.

I must confess I felt somewhat daunted by the shear enormity of my subject, The Russian Country House, The Russian Dacha, sites long unvisited in deep woods such as the Faberge Dacha, or lost to history such as The English House off the Peterhoff road.

Even before my arrival in St Petersburg, organizing my itinerary was in full swing, after my arrival went into over drive with most excellent routing, driving, translation, but above all I knew I was in the hands of people who Thoroughly know there subjects.

The V&A museum’s proposal for an exhibition/book on the Russian Country House has been given the most valuable start by the Likhachev Foundation, a start that both I and the V&A will carry forward to our projects fulfilment, indebted to the Likhachev Foundation.

On a more personal note, rarely have I found myself among and part of such a good company of fellows, all so cared for by the Likhachev Foundation”.