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Galina Syrlybaeva

Galina Syrlybayeva is an art scholar, curator of the collection of classical Russian art in the State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after A. Kasteyev, Almaty. Her scholarly interests are connected with the activities of Russian artists, who worked on the territory of Kazakhstan in 1920-40ss. Galina has published a number of articles dedicated to this subject, notably about such Leningrad artists as V. Sterligov, T. Glebova, V. Ushakov, D. Mitrokhin, R. Velikanova, evacuated to Kazakhstan during the years of the Second World War. The project is dedicated to the work of theatre designer Vsevolod Telyakovsky, who was exiled from Leningrad to Kazakhstan because of his noble origin and for 26 years worked there in different theatres.


«Thanks to the program Cultural Fellowships in Russia, organized by the Likhachev Foundation, I got an opportunity to study rare archive documents, which allowed me to fill in the gaps in the biography of unique artist Vsevolod Telyakovsky. I had the pleasure of meeting his heirs, who have been carefully preserving their family archive for several decades. And what is most interesting, I was able to see a number of unknown works of the master. There is no doubt that this trip will result in new publications and an exhibition of the works of the artist, who has contributed so much to the development of the arts in our republic. I am endlessly grateful to the staff of the Likhachev Foundation for organizing this trip, as well as to the staff of St. Petersburg State Theatre Library and my colleagues from the manuscript department of the Russian Museum for their warm welcome and invaluable help”.