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Miriam Bader

Miriam Bader is the Education Director at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum in New York City. She also serves as an educational consultant for the National Park Service and other local and international organizations. This fellowship was related to research surrounding the great wave of Jewish immigration from Russia to New York City at the turn of the twentieth century.


Through this fellowship I had the opportunity to study the history of Jewish immigrants from Russia. Between 1880 and 1924, one third of Europe’s Jews would leave and 75% would initially make New York their home. The story of their becoming American is told on several tours at the Tenement Museum. The story of the Old World – the shtetl – that they came from is what I sought to delve further into in St Petersburg. The dedicated and brilliant Likhachev team created a schedule for me to visit leading museums and meet with colleagues in St. Petersburg. At the Russian Museum of Ethnography, I explored exhibits, which include the collection of the first Jewish Museum in Russia, which was established in 1913. At the European University, I met with scholars on Jewish and emigrant studies, including the leading expert Valery Dymshits. Through conversations, the availability of excellent translation services, and museum explorations I gained new understandings and questions, along with more avenues of research. The opportunity to explore this work in the company of other knowledgeable fellows, and with access to amazing resources was both enriching and illuminating. It will result in new scholarship on the shtetl, and more specifically for museum staff and visitors, in a deeper understanding of the experience of the Old World, and its impact on Jewish life in America.