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Elisa Baglioni

Literary translator and editor, Elisa obtained a PhD at the University of Siena. She has collaborated with the Moscow State University (MGU), the Russian State Library for Foreign Literature Rudomino, Maxim Gorky Literature Institute. She has also taken part in the organization of Italian literary festivals. She currently teaches Russian Language and translation at the Victoria School for Language Mediators in Turin and edits the independent literary journal Atti Impuri.

In 2015 she published the book Travelers in the Cold. How to Survive the Russian Winter with Literature (Viaggiatori nel freddo. Come sopravvivere all’inverno russo con la letteratura) dedicated to Moscow, and now prepares the second volume on St. Petersburg. The book will be a way of understanding St. Petersburg literary space through literature, by visiting the real venues connected to classical and contemporary writers.


The book I am working on requires not only a selection of literature that directly addresses Saint-Petersburg, but also makes references to the writers of the past and present, and to their relationships with the city. The fellowship was an extraordinary opportunity to deal with both aspects. It facilitated entrance to the institutions and libraries, it arranged meetings with prominent writers, curators of literary museums, like Akhmatova and Dostoevsky museums, with historians and leading figures of contemporary cultural processes. Great help came directly from the Likhachev members that provided me with extensive bibliographical reference, information about the unofficial Leningrad literature of the second half of the XX century, and made it possible to visit Brodsky’s communal apartment. Moreover, the many contacts I have collected will serve as a foundation for further collaborations and for the future development of the project.


The fruitful exchange of ideas with other fellows, the constant support and advice of the Foundation created an excellent environment for the project and for this I am truly grateful to the Likhachev Foundation!