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Joung Jun Ham

Ham Joung Jun is professor of Russian literature and drama at Dankook University (the Republic of Korea), artistic director of KORUS company, chair of the Korean Society of Teachers of Russian and Literature.


For many years I have been actively promoting Russian literature and culture in the Republic of Korea, considering it my duty and mission. The fellowship is connected with the project of staging the musical The Show Maiden (based on Alexander Ostovsky's play) during the winter Olympics of 2018 in the city of Pyeongchang (the Republic of Korea). The working subtitle of the production is supposed to be From Sochi to Pyeongchang and thereby will remind about the previous Olympics in Russia. The purpose of my project is exploration and adaptation, as well as transferring of the Russian plot to the Korean soil and cooperation with Russian master artists who will take part in the production.

During these two weeks lots of preparatory work has been conducted. I met directors, designers, managers, and attended lots of shows. I am positive that this complex project should be realized in collaboration with Russian and Korean master artists. This collaboration has already started and thanks to the Likhachev Foundation and this fellowship the project has considerably advanced.

I have no doubts that through collaborative efforts we will be able to realize this spectacular project - the Russian-Korean Snow Maiden.