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Katya Galitzine

Katya is the organizer of many cultural events and exchanges with Russia, author of articles and books on Russian culture, founder of Prince Galitzine Memorial Library in St. Petersburg. She cooperates with Victoria&Albert museum and Fontanka publishing house on the album/book dedicated to the history of the Russian country house which is based on archive photography, architectural plans, paintings, historical and literary references, family stories.

Thank you for the excellent arrangements allowing me access to the various museum archives that I needed to get into.  I met with many useful people, with whom I intend to stay in contact and some of whom have already found for me extra material that I did not find during my stay. The events organised for us all as a group, helped us to bond and it was also exciting to learn about so many different facets of Russia that interest people around the world

Altogether it was an excellent opportunity for me to focus on this project, without any outside distractions and to hopefully gather some fruit, which I will harvest over the next few months.