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Nick Winter

Nick Winter is an artistic administrator with nearly 30 years' experience of managing classical music projects. In the early 1990s he set up and ran the Zima Concert Agency in St Petersburg, one of the first non-governmental artistic agencies in the new Russia. He received a Sony award for his 6-part BBC World Service radio series on Russian 20th-century music, 'Music of the Motherland'.  More recently he spent seven years in the United States as Director of Artistic Administration/Planning with the Chicago and San Francisco Symphony Orchestras.

Thanks to the Likhachev Foundation's programme  I was able to return to St Petersburg and undertake my long-held wish to develop a project with the Russian Horn Orchestra (artistic director and conductor Sergei Polyanichko). My time in St Petersburg enabled me to become familiar with tall aspects of this a unique aristic ensemble including: the historical context of the emergence of the horn orchestra in the 18th century; the process of recreating the instruments using modern construction techniques; the development of repertoire;  and also for its therapeutic qualities, working with those with learning difficulties and with visually impaired listeners.

The time spent in St Petersburg was thus a unique opportunity to interact with all aspects of the orchestras as a prelude to the next stage of this project – raising the orchestra's profile and awareness of the unique qualities of this musical tradition internationally. Working with conservatories including the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, the opportunities for studying and appreciating this distinctive Russian school of brass playing can be made open to young musicians in the UK. Discussions are being held with major music festivals over opportunities for featuring the Russian Horn orchestra both in concert performances and in seminar/lectures as a unique cultural phenomenon.

In short, the Likhachev Foundation has provided me with a very timely and appreciated opportunity to revive connections in St Petersburg and develop a project which should prove to be of assistance both to a number of local musicians and to music-loving audiences and music students in the UK and elsewhere.