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Eric Typhis Degtyarenko

Founder and Director of the Admiral Nevelskoi Maritime Museum, President and Founder of The Mauritius Russian-Speaking Society, Founder of the Russian Language Centre, Director of Maritime Museum Ltd Mauritius. As a diplomat and Honorary Consul  he actively promotes Russian History and Culture in Mauritius .   The initiator to introduce russian language in Primary and Secondary school in Mauritius in collaboration with the Ministry of Education . Eric Degtyarenko promote the history of Admiral Nevelskoi  worldwide.  He helps to maintain the English wikipedia page of Admiral Nevelskoi and also the translation to English of the History of the great Adventurer.

Leonid Lysenko started his round the world tour on the Admiral Nevelskoi Yacht in July 1993. While he was in the Indian Ocean he lost the mast of the yacht and abandoned it. The Admiral Nevelskoi was now a phantom vessel moving in the Indian Ocean crewless. In 2010, Eric found the Admiral Nevelskoi Yacht in Rodrigues during a visit to the Island. In the same year the yacht was declared Maritime Museum. The yacht is the only historical link between Mauritius and Russia. The museum relates the history of the Great Russian navigator Admiral Nevelskoi and his life.


Thanks to you and the research done by your team, I have been able to understand more about my project, about the life of Nevelskoi and  his history. I wanted to do a research at the Naval Museum in relation to Admiral Nevelskoi and maritime instruments of his time, and organize some exchange for exhibition between Russian museums and Admiral Nevelskoi Museum.  The recent books published in St Petersburg prove that Nevelskoi history has not been forgotten. 

The Russian Geographic Society will be the most memorable visit for me. To see so many books about Nevelskoi and his history was a great moment. We even found many maps which includes Mauritius. The visit to different exhibitions has given me new insights and inspired me for future exhibition in Mauritius. It was also a great opportunity to interact with fellows from so diverse sectors and also to build international connections. 

After my visit to St Petersburg I came home with new visions, many ideas and also new professional contacts and friends.