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Peter Avery

As Director of Theatre at the New York City Department of Education, Peter supervises all theatre programs for approximately 1,800 public schools and is an expert on theatre education, as well as a theatre producer.

The goals of the fellowship was to document and share new plays, directorial styles and training approaches with American and international theatre artists and educator colleagues, and to identify potential new or perhaps unknown play and/or innovative styles that might translate to New York, either to be workshopped or even produced.


My 2017 Lukachev Foundation  fellowship, exploring the artistry and  aspects of the vibrant theater scene in St. Petersburg, was inspiring and practical.  Provided the unique opportunity to immerse in St Petersburg culture for 2 weeks, I  devoted the time and energy to experience theatrical techniques and meet with colleagues from across the spectrum -- theater artists at universities and major companies as well as with those smaller but no less impressive companies.  The theater community was quite welcoming and I was able to observe deep work and have substantial conversations about artistry, pedagogy and social impact.

As a guest artist educator, I experienced a number of invaluable  theater rehearsals and master classes of high level and diverse work.   I will  share and adapt what I gained in my ongoing training of NYC theater artists, educators and certainly to reach youth.  I of course will cite those from whom I learned while in St Petersburg.

A large part of my focus was on building theater bridges from NYC and the broader US to St Petersburg and Russia.  I made contact and established relationships with Artistic Directors  at small and major theaters and with theater educators and at several universities.  I look forward to exploring these relationships.  

I was privileged to expand my focus and will partner with several independent  artists doing  innovative community based theatre to empower teens as well as people on the autistic spectrum. 

I look forward to another opportunity to visit and continue to build bridges.

I was so fortunate to share, learn with and from my other thoughtful and impressive fellows.  In addition to long conversations with other theater Fellows, I gained incredible perspective from those in other fields of art history, filmmaking and writing.